Makeni Hospital Library

Key Information

Location: Makeni Regional Government Hospital, Bombali District, Sierra Leone

Opening hours: 8am - 5pm, Monday to Friday

Library staff: Fatmata M Kamara (Librarian ),  Komba A Momoh (AHL Library Coordinator)

Library members: Hospital staff, clinical students on placements at Makeni Regional Government Hospital, and students and academic staff from local healthcare training colleges

Date library opened: March 2013

Makeni Hospital Library follows the borrowing and data recording systems described in the Manual: How to plant and grow a library (free to download from 'All downloads' page)

Makeni Hospital Library has its own Facebook page:

Looking Ahead

We have secured land to build a much needed Resource Centre at Makeni Regional Government Hospital. The centre will allow the library to grow and diversify the access offered to medical information. 

The contractors are lined up and ready to go. Will you help us get the funds in place to start this exciting project?

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Borrowing overview

Click to download the 2016 report from Makeni Hospital Library below:

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