Feedback from library users


"I use the library for doing my research. Whenever I have presentations to do I come to the library to get materials. I also use the library books for my clinical practice. Most times with my diagnosis, ... I also use it in prescription."

- Community Health Officer Student, Bo


"I found that there are a lot of books in the library which has to do with management, how to lead, how to motivate others, and of course how to mentor... It is capacitating me for me to lead the people that I am serving."

- Deputy Matron, Makeni


"Sometimes ... in the pressure of work you forget some procedures, so when I do come and refresh you know some of those things ... Something you have forgotten, you are reminded of it. "

- Community Health Officers, surgical trainees, Bo


"I need books because I don’t always afford ... the [inter]net because I prefer to manage the little resources I have. Since the library is now available, it is a privilege and opportunity to me, so I prefer using the library."

- State Registered Nurse, Bo


"[resuscitation] Of children, I did it. From what I read in the book and what I learned [on an ETAT course], they are the same or so similar, so I did it, I even did the rescue breaths and all the other things. It was in the book."

- EPI Vaccinator, Makeni

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A taster from our member survey, 2018

Can you give an example of when a library book/CD/DVD has helped you at work?

“I personally refer to the clinical books in making my diagnoses when clerking patients in my office”

“During mentoring of nurse, it makes it makes it easier to go and get the book you want to use for reference with regards to the topic you are reading”

“It helps me to treat patients and gain their health back and how to give correct medication. It gives me new ideas”

“It helps me to know the different types of skin conditions”

“In remembering the correct dosage of some specialist drugs”

“Normally every Friday we have presentations. If we don't have a presenter then a CD/DVD is played for us in the hall. Post-partum haemorrhage and management was played to us, well explained and demonstrated”

“In the identification and differentiation of the types of white blood cells”

“In most time that I encounter problem with certain laboratory procedures in carrying out lab test, the library will be there to help me for solution”

“Reduction of dislocation of right shoulder of a patient”

“Books are placed on my table for easy and quick reference”

“A recently borrowed CD plate about respiratory distress helped me to visualise a child in respiratory distress and management”

“It helps me to take good care of my patients. It enables me to identify kinds of diseases and to treat them properly”