Bo Hospital Library

Key Information

Location:  Bo Government Hospital, Bo, Sierra Leone

Opening hours: 9am-4pm, Monday to Friday

Library staff:  Alex B Marah (Bo librarian), Komba A Momoh (AHL library coordinator)

Library members:  Hospital staff and clinical students on placements at Bo Government Hospital. Current membership stands at over 480

Date library opened: February 2014

Bo Hospital Library follows the borrowing and data recording systems described in the Manual: How to plant and grow a library (free to download from 'All downloads' page)

The library has its own Facebook page:

Looking Ahead

Bo Hospital Library is currently housed in a temporary unit, which limits important work on further increasing access to high-quality medical information.  

We want to build an educational Resource Centre at the hospital. This facility would increase study space, offer a wider range of resources, and cultivate  group working and learning.

Please join with us to grow this library!

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Borrowing Overview

Click to download the 2016 report from Bo Hospital Library below:

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